Population growth, industrialization, urbanization, deteriotating infrastructure and strict regulation have placed enormous strain on the water supply.

AST is a global Project Managment Office (PMO) and integration company specializing in smart clean water technologies. headquartered in Israel and led by seasoned water specialists, we focus on integration and managment of water treatment, filtration, sea water and brackish water desalination as well as recycling of wastewater solutions.

We leverage our in-house expertise, fresh technological approach, and strategic partnerships with industry leading companies, to provide our customers with a fast, flexible, dynamic turnkey solution. By designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and managing water treatment plants, we enhance reduced OPEX, energy and water consumption.

Located in the north of Israel, our laboratory and manufacturing facility are among the most advanced of their kind. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, our engineering team can replicate any field enviroment. This enables us to provide optimal, tailored solutions for ground water, surface water or waste water and transform it into clean potable and industrial water.

Over the past decade, we have served dozens of governmental, municipal and private customers around the globe in the fields of agriculture, mining, food & beverage, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Imlementing sound engineering practices and superior technologies, we plan and manage the project according to the specific needs of each customer, ensuring maximum flexibility and peace of mind.

Among our customers are: Coca Cola, Jacobs, Strauss Group, Teva, Nestle. WSC Malta, PUB Singapore, Suez and Mekorot.

Smart Technologies

  • FLOW REVERSAL - sea water and brackish water desalination enabling enhanced performance, more water production, significant opex savings, minimum impact on the environment and no technological risk.
  • TAYA- hybrid biological wastewater treatment using atmospheric oxygen enabling extremely simple operation with minimal sludge handling, minimal energy consumption, and low opex.
  • MAC- inorganic selective removal of contaminants from drinking and industrial waste water- full destruction of contaminants (per chlorate), along with low haulage, resulting in outstanding low opex.
  • WellToDo- ground water remediation for nitrate sand other contaminants by catalytic process with 0 by products (green technology).
  • AOP- industrial waste water treatment.
  • VSEP- brackish water desalination.
  • Cembrane - drinking water and industrial waste water ceramic membrane filtration.



Our Mission

To provide tailored, cost-effeftive, holistic water treatment solutions
by employing outstanding engineers, innovative technologies and comlementary partnerships




Removal of Water contaminants by conversion to non-polluting compounds.
Hydrogen Based process with highly competitive life cycle & operational costs.

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ROTEC Ltd., established in Feb. 2009, develops novel and breakthrough technologies for sensing, monitoring, and prevention of mineral scaling on the surface of membranes and pipes in the water treatment industry.
LOGO-PARTNERS4.jpg Porex industrial filtration applications include water and wastewater, paints, inks, polishing slurries, catalyst recovery, trap filtration, pulp and paper, metal finishing and completion fluids.
LOGO-PARTNERS3.jpg Dupont Chlorine Dioxide - Effective and affordable disinfectant for potable water compliance
LOGO-PARTNERS2.jpg Inge  UF -  innovative ultrafiltration technologies   used in the treatment of drinking water, processwater, sea water and waste water.

TriSep is a specialty membrane supplier focused on delivering customized products to solve unmet customer needs.
VSEP delivers results that conventional separations technology systems can't. Using Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing (VSEP), this patented, fouling-resistant membrane filtration system makes conventional treatment systems obsolete — delivering sustained, precise separation in a single pass

Colberge, is an equipment range for preparation, control and dosing of chemical products with five distinct lines controllers, dosing pumps, agitators, deposits, complete systems. The spreading and commercialization of the Colberge equipment seat in the work of local companies who develop the business as installers and distributors, providing in such a way to an assistance technique and advertising close to end user.

*Ceramic membrane producer for Drinking water & Industrial applications and MBR.
*Cembrane Founders: Silicon Carbide Membrane Pioneers
*Established 2014
*Production facilities in Denmark, Copenhagen



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